Serious Motion Pictures is a script to screen film and video production company.  We listen to your objectives and craft powerful stories that resonate with both broad and targeted audiences.  We specialize in creative driven projects from high end graphics to documentary realism, delivered for every imaginable platform.

Based in New York & Los Angeles with production capabilities worldwide.



Telling the story of what your company represents both to internal and external audiences is likely the most important communication you will undertake. Making an impression almost always means looking at things from different angles. Our team includes Creative Directors, Writers, Directors, Producers, DPs, Animators and Editors with deep experience developing creative approach. We're adamant that good creative is the starting point of every successful project whether it's a short communication for the web or a show opener on a sixty foot screen.

Interview is an art form whose primary materials are aesthetic approach - often in visually hostile environments;  an understanding not only of what to ask, but how to ask it; and the capacity to find a personal connection with your subject - sometimes in the space of minutes.  We're proud of our ability to put both famous and first time subjects at ease so they can deliver honest, powerful content. 

Patient stories are a unique form of documentary. We strive to capture each unique story with great sensitivity and an eye toward conveying the lessons in perseverance and courage that these stories have to offer.

Sharing stories within your organization has emerged in recent years as one of the best ways to engage and motivate. We work closely with the missions of Human Resources and Marketing departments on a wide array of these projects, from recruitment and onboarding to training, team building and event coverage.

Each year we take time to train our resources and expertise on projects whose budgets might not otherwise allow for high production value storytelling. We've been to South Africa in support of education on prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission; to Maine to help at-risk youth create their own films; and across the country in support of environmental and social justice campaigns.

Our award winning documentary film work has been screened in festivals around the world. We like to bring this film-style sensibility to commercial projects when appropriate.



Working directly and in support of agencies and production companies, we've realized work for these and other clients.